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  • Vegetable - Wikipedia

    The word vegetable was first recorded in English in the early 15th century. It comes from Old French, and was originally applied to all plants; the word is still used in this sense in biological contexts. It derives from Medieval Latin vegetabilis "growing, flourishing" (i.e. of a plant), a semantic change from a Late Latin meaning "to be enlivening, quickening".

  • When Onion Prices Bring Indians to Tears | Gro Intelligence

    Nov 18, 2016· Onion prices are volatile due to a variety of factors. For one thing, production is highly seasonal, and onions don't go to market in consistent quantities throughout the year. Given general inadequacies of storage facilities, and the fact that India severely limits onion imports, production fluctuations significantly affect prices.

  • Vegetable Seed Production: Onion - hort.vt.edu

    Onion food crops are grown as an annual for fresh use when immature (green onions) or mature (dried bulbs) (Welbaum, 2015). However, for seed production, onions require two seasons to complete their reproductive growth cycle.

  • Onions: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Onions | The Old ...

    Onion seeds are short-lived. If planting seeds indoors, start with fresh seeds each year. Start seeds indoors about 6 weeks before transplanting to the garden. Think of onions as a leaf crop, not a root crop. When planting onion sets, don't bury them more than 1 inch under the soil.

  • Onion - Wikipedia

    The onion is most frequently a biennial or a perennial plant, but is usually treated as an annual and harvested in its first growing season. The onion plant has a fan of hollow, bluish-green leaves and its bulb at the base of the plant begins to swell when a certain day-length is reached.

  • The fruit and vegetable sector in the EU - a statistical ...

    In 2015, 1.9 % of all EU arable land (2.2 million hectares) was used to produce vegetables. The EU fruit and fresh vegetable sector is polarised between a few Member States responsible for the largest proportions of production, trading and processing, and several others that account individually ...


    H ORTICULTURE STUDY Phase 1: Mapping of production of fruits and Vegetables in ..., leeks, onions and shallots, okra, peas, potatoes, spinach and tomatoes to name a few. Tanzania is among world top 20 producers of fresh vegetables ... up airfreight cargo that could aggregate …

  • Review on Aggregatum Onion (Allium cepa aggregatum

    Review on Aggregatum Onion (Allium cepa L. var. aggregatum Don.) T. Saraswathi1, ... aggregatum onion but cultivation is extensively by vegetative means (bulblets) ... It is an aggregate of many smaller inflorescences of 5 to 10 flowers each. Within

  • The Only Hydroponic Growing Media Guide You Need

    Aug 18, 2011· Although growing hydroponically is soil-free, this doesn't mean that there is nothing to support our plants. In most hydroponic systems, growers use different types of hydroponic media to help support their roots and maintain a good water/oxygen ratio.. In this guide, I'll give you a breakdown of the most popular types of hydroponic growing media.

  • Business Plan for NVC - 20140330

    paste production, simultaneously reducing poverty for small holder farmers, who are among the country'smost vulnerablepopulation, anddecreasing Nigeria'sdependence on an imported food product that is a dietary staple in Nigerian cuisine 1.3. Mission Tomato Jos is an agricultural production company that believes in the power of farming

  • How to grow onions / RHS Gardening

    Onions. Onions are such a versatile vegetable – they feature in so many recipes, and growing your own means you'll always have them to hand. They are easy to grow from baby onions, which are called sets. Although seed is available, sets are the easiest and quickest way to grow onions.

  • Healthy Foods That Aggravate GERD - GERD Center - Everyday ...

    Healthy Foods That Aggravate GERD. ... but raw onions can do more than bring tears to the eyes of those with GERD. ... A growing body of research shows that your weight can have a significant ...

  • Vegetable Cultivation with Pandals

    Vegetable Cultivation with Pandals Background & Objectives India's diverse soil and climate, comprising several agro-ecological regions, make it conducive to grow a wide variety of horticulture crops comprising of fruits, vegetables, root and tuber crops, flowers, …

  • Estimating vegetable crop water use | Vegetable growing ...

    Adequate irrigation design, good irrigation management and scheduling have long been recognised as keys to increasing vegetable production on a sustainable basis. Scheduling irrigation according to crop water needs minimises the chances of under or over watering.

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  • Carbon and nitrogen contents and aggregation index of soil ...

    NTS for onion crops high soil aggregate, with predominance of macroaggregates. ... P and K were applied soon before the onion planting, and N (15 Kg N ha −1) was applied at planting, and as topdressing at 45, 65, and 85 days after transplantation of the onion seedlings using ammonium nitrate.


    COST AND INCOME ANALYSIS OF THE TOMATO PRODUCTION 3.1 INTRODUCTION Tomato is cultivated mainly as a cash crop. It is a short duration crop. So the profit can be earned immediately and cultivation of tomato is possible within a period of 3 to 6 months. The tomato cultivation being commercial activity undertaken by farmers, they

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    Introduction to Peach Fruit Cultivation The following details are about Peach Fruit Cultivation and Growing Techniques. The binomial name of the Peach is Prunus persica. The Peach tree belongs to the Rosaceae family. The genus of the Peach originated from the Prunus. The name Persia is a place where the tree was first found in the Europe.

  • A simple example for the teaching of demand theory ...

    Introduction. The theory of demand and supply is a cornerstone of microeconomics. The idea that the price of a commodity lies at the intersection of its supply and demand curves is central to the teaching of managerial economics (Salvatore & Srivastava, 2008).As per theory, production decisions of a firm are based on the customers' demand curve, which is again dependent on the market structure ...

  • Research Paper on Onion | India - Biology Discussion

    ADVERTISEMENTS: A research paper on onion. After reading this you will learn about:- 1. Origin of Onion 2. Production of Onion 3. General Botany 4. Breeding Objectives 5. Qualitative Genetics 6. Cytology 7. Morphological, Biochemical and Molecular Markers 8. Day-Length Response 9. Breeding Methods 10. Selection Techniques 11. Biotechnology 2.

  • All About Heirloom Onion Varieties - Garden - GRIT Magazine

    Heirloom onion varieties, however, can be difficult to get at the local grocery, so more gardeners and cooks are turning to growing their own, drawn by the rich, unique flavors and textures that heirloom onions offer. Onion cultivation. Onions are widely cultivated members of the Allium, or onion, genus. This genus comprises 600 to 800 ...

  • Onion Production - Penn State Extension

    Mar 02, 2018· Climate change has brought changes to our rainfall patterns. The farmers suffer from water scarcity for cultivation. To overcome this, a new innovative irrigation technology, the Rain Hose Technology has been introduced. It is an affordable spray Irrigation technology and a replacement for sprinkler Irrigation systems.

  • Garden Guides | For All Things Gardening

    Garden Guides is the ultimate resource for cultivating your green thumb.

  • Onion Explained

    Onion Explained. The onion (Allium cepa L., from Latin cepa "onion"), also known as the bulb onion or common onion, is a vegetable that is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium.Its close relatives include the garlic, leek, chive, and Chinese onion.

  • Onion Cultivation and Production in Iran | Global Science ...

    Onion cultivation history is over than 5000 years old. It appears that onion was cultivated for the first time in the mountainous and high altitude regions of southwest Asia. The primary location for collecting onion is southwest Asia (around the Caspian Sea). ... Fourth-stage juveniles tend to aggregate on or just different in various ...

  • Supply chain management of onion in India: Status, issues ...

    Supply chain management of onion in India: Status, issues and scope. ... with aggregate production exceeding 205.25 million tonnes (NHB, 2010). ... others involved in onion production…

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Small-Scale Onion and Tomato ...

    The business were applied in one crop production season where each of small-scale onion production is profitable over a num- farmer used up to four different chemicals. ber of scenarios unless an occasional supply flooded the Conclusions and Implication market all in short season (in the area onion and tomato production targets the month of ...

  • Study on Adoption Behaviour of Improved Onion Production ...

    and improved onion production techniques and practices by onion growers on their farm. Extent of adoption of onion production technology was measured with the help of index developed as per schedule. Over all 12 components of onion production technology was included in the schedule to test the adoption behaviour of onion growers.

  • Advances in New Alliums - Horticulture

    Production of onion in a low sulfur environment reduces the pungency of onion (Platenius and Knott 1941; Freeman and Mossadeghi 1970). A case in point is the Vidalia onion, produced on extremely low sulfur soils in 13 counties and parts of 7 others in the state of Georgia, US.

  • cultivation aggregate onion - parkhurstprimary.co.za

    onion aggregate onion bellary onion cultivation. onion aggregate onion bellary onion cultivation Onions from India Tamil Nadu, Onions manufactory BETHEL CHEM onion aggregate onion bellary onion cultivation,India Tamil Nadu Onions manufactures and Onions factories,BETHEL CHEM is one quality china supplier for you to purchase Onions. . Chat Online

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